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Bringing you tips and thoughts as I run a successful IT business based in Hampshire. This podcast is an outlet for some of my content which talks about lessons I learn along the way, any tips or advice that I feel is worth sharing to others who are on a similar journey. Please follow me online via and on Facebook!

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Tuesday Sep 22, 2020

Back with a new format and this time we're talking about Ethics, because it seems that many people aren't running their business ethically. Something I've never really come across until recently, so let's talk about it. YouTube:

Tuesday Jun 09, 2020

I realise there has been a 6 month gap since my last podcast, and I also realise that I may seem to be talking about the same topic!  And yes, Yes I am!  Because - my memory is awful. But here is another spin on how to regularly Collect, Store and Promote your Customer Testimonials.  Enjoy!

Friday Dec 20, 2019

Struggling to get consistent customer feedback, testimonials or reviews?  In this podcast, we talk about a method I've used to generate regular feedback from our customers, which in turn has helped us win awards, improve our business and bolster our marketing efforts.  Techie details on how exactly we do this can be found on the Not a Business Coach Blog. 

Tuesday Oct 01, 2019

Today is a really quick 'how-to'.  When I started out video marketing, particularly when looking to run some video ads on YouTube, I wasted a tonne of money.  Why? Because of this!  Listen in, take my advice - you need to do this for your accounts if you plan to do any form of video marketing on YouTube. 

Wednesday Sep 25, 2019

For todays episode, I wanted to talk about something that has done so well for my business over the years. Hiring in help from the Philippines. I'm not saying you should outsource your whole business, but there are a wide range of tasks which you can offload to someone better suited, which frees up your time to be better used.

Monday Sep 23, 2019

For those of you thinking about taking your first adventure into Video Blogging for either personal, or business reasons - this one is for you.  In this podcast I run through the kit that you'll need if you want to replicate the style of vlog that I put out each week.   

Friday Sep 20, 2019

People ask me how I manage to push out so much content constantly.  The Vlogs, the podcasts, blog posts, social media posts, articles - it's never ending!  Today I'm giving away one aspect of how I manage to achieve this in such little time.  Follow us on Facebook, make sure you subscribe to the podcast, the YouTube channel and visit the website at 

Wednesday Aug 21, 2019

It's really tough running a business sometimes.  Particularly when nobody really, REALLY understands what you're going through.  I wanted to cover a touchy subject today - Loneliness needs to be addressed. With the massive increase in new business owners it's something that needs to be discussed.  Follow us on Facebook and visit the website at  Enjoy!

Tuesday Aug 20, 2019

Show me the money! Today, a system I've been using for the last few years which has been an absolute GAME CHANGER for me. Following this process will guarantee that every month you take a small profit from your business, pay off your debts, save for a rainy day, save for new office equipment - whatever you set your mind to.  Follow us on Facebook and visit the website at  Enjoy!

Tuesday Aug 20, 2019

Short one today! Confused with all of the video content platforms online and wondering which site you should be uploading your video files to?  Here we very briefly cover what platforms you should use, for what content and why.  Follow us on Facebook and visit the website at  Enjoy!

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